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House Keeping Materials

Balaji Enterprises is one of the leading distributors and wholesalers of unmatched quality of House Keeping Materials. We offer these materials and equipments at highly reasonable prices for total satisfaction of customers. These are procured from highly renowned companies who focus on quality. We are extremely concerned for the quality and customers satisfaction because it is primary requisites for growth for every company and industry.

Microwipe 4000 Heavy Duty Microfiber Cloths

We are highly established company engaged in distribution of unmatched quality of Heavy Duty Microfiber Cloths for daily cleaning tasks. These products are developed using unbeatable quality of raw materials to ensure supreme excellence of products and customer satisfaction. Following are the products with their features.

Smartcolor Mopsystem

We are recognized as the most reliable wholesaler and distributor of refined quality of Smartcolor Mopsystems that are an extremely reliable, durable and budget friendly. Our company distributes and wholesales Smartcolor Mopsystems that gives 100 percent guarantee of credibility and solidity of products.

Mopholder and Microfiber Mops for cleaning floors

Restroom Floorhandle

Balaji distributes and wholesales Restroom Floorhandle for floor cleaning, which cane be used within Mop holder or string Mop holder.

Restroom Cleaning System / Brush, Sprays & Inspection Kits

Our company offers wide array of Restroom Cleaning Systems such as Brush, Sprays & Inspection Kits , which are available at highly affordable price. These Cleaning Systems are highly reliable and durable. The Kits are manufactured by using refined quality of raw materials for maintaining its quality.

Swivelbrush Gray (SB20G)

We, Balaji Enterprises distribute and wholesale super quality of Swivelbrush Gray (SB20G), which is an ideal for the removal of heavy dirt build-up on floors (SB20G) and in corners of walls and floors (CB20G). Durable PFT bristles is there for superior scrubbing action. These Brushes are available at customized prices for the complete satisfaction of the clients

Sprayer on a Belt (OABG)

We are highly known and well-established distributor and wholesaler of the Sprayer Hooks to Belt for transferring weight away from back and arms. Flexible hose allows trigger to extend upto 3 inches and spray solution closer cleaning surface without bending or reaching. These Hooks are highly reliable, durable and available at admirable prices while maintaining it quality and credibility.

Inspection Tools

Invisible Ink Pen, only visible with UV-light. Use for employee training and spot inspections. Demonstrates tour high cleaning standard to the client. Pocket size, operates on AA batteries (not include).

14” microfiber washer with durable T-bar handle for wet or dry cleaning of walls and large flat surfaces, white boards, chalk boards, desks and counters, or stainless steel. Cleans better because tiny fibers penetrate irregular surfaces to pull out dirt. Replacement sleeves available and sold separately.

Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush

We, Balaji Enterprises are highly dignified distributor, and wholesaler of the most celebrated quality of Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush, which is designed and developed for professional cleaning of toilets and urinals. These products are highly reliable in quality and low in prices. We distribute Toilet Bowl Brush of Unger brand whose primary objective is to manufactured qualitative products and customer satisfaction. These products are Ergonomic Design and very handy for customers.


Ergo Dustpan

We are one the highly celebrated distributors and wholesalers of the distinguished quality of Ergo Dustpan at customized price for complete satisfaction of the customers as we are completely quality oriented company thats why we always try to satisfy our valued customers with the quality products. We always offer reliable and durable products.


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